At Sound Ideas Production Group, we are perfectionists when it comes to creating video and audio solutions for our client's meetings and events. We are specialists in recording, meeting support, event production, and broadcast applications. With a history over two decades long, we provide not only facilities and equipment, but also top quality, highly-sought-after engineers and technicians.

Sound Ideas' humble beginnings was a garage-turned-recording studio created by SIPG's president and founder, Doug Thompson. Remaining true to their roots, Sound Ideas still offers top of the line recording services with its Russ Berger-designed studio in Carrollton, Texas. The studio is a fully equipped Protools-driven suite with unlimited tracking capabilities, retaining a relaxing atmosphere where your creative ideas can be realized.

Sound Ideas Production Group is now something much larger than just one man behind a mixer. It is a whole group of professionals, each of whom is dedicated to providing the best audio, video, lighting, and production, with special attention to overall ambiance and detail, for your next meeting or show. No matter how large or small the event, we specialize in ALL audio/visual support and also have a wide range of rental audio/visual equipment available.

Give us a call to speak with any of the true professionals at Sound Ideas for your next event or recording. We are always glad to help!